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children need three things to excel in school and in life.




Help your child develop essential awareness through books that talk and sing. Books that every child should grow up with.

  • Question-and-answer format arouses curiosity
  • Simple answers to the most complex questions help children comprehend even difficult concepts
  • ‘Things to do’ encourages learning by doing, and helps retention
  • ‘Amazing Facts’ excites the young minds and builds confidence
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, reads out the text in 6 languages and provides additional sounds including songs, animal sounds, dramatizations and correct pronunciation.



An immersive English learning program that gets your child to understand, speak, read and write correct English in no time. Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy is the only English learning program that combines books, audio, video and apps to engage today’s kids, and can be started with newborn babies too.

  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, provides the audio reading of books in 8 languages
  • Videos with subtitles immerse children into real-life situations where they learn to converse the natural way
  • Has been put together by experts in early learning, animation, publishing and apps

Phonics is introduced and taught in a unique, fun way



Establishes a strong foundation in math through an interactive multimedia program. Extensive content covering numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, all the way to measurement.

  • Story format relates math to everyday life and gets children interested and involved
  • Wiz, the wizard introduces and teaches math concepts to children in an engaging way
  • Simple math exercises challenge children’s problem-solving skills
  • Follow-up questions encourage children to think
  • 24 math songs make children sing, dance and learn through music


Teaches good behavior, builds character, and helps children become good human beings.

  • 15 stories from around the world help develop the right attitudes, introduce cultures of the world, and nurture children as global citizens.
  • Lucy and Wiz travel to different places, meet various characters, and learn life lessons from situations that children identify with and relate to.
  • Eltee Pen, the audio learning device, plays the stories with dramatization and sound effects in 12 languages.
  • The stories present children with an age-appropriate opportunity to discuss and explore a whole range of morals, ideals, principles and values with children

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