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Catch your child young and give them a solid Intellectual and emotional foundation by narrating stories, giving exposure to various concepts by visual and auditory aids.

Early Learning Program

The initial years of a child is very critical for brain development, critical thinking, language skills etc. It is important that we give enough exposure to stimulate the child’s brain cells. Therefore we believe It’s never too early to get them started learning and on the right path. 

It is important to inculcate reading habit in children.  Our mission is to make children love books and reading starting very early.  Home can become a great place of learning for the child.  It is parents who can create an impactful learning environment for their children.  What you do at home in the early years has a lasting impression on your child even in the later years. 

Our A+ Program which is the ultimate tool for parents to give a strong intellectual and emotional foundation to their young ones.  0 to 8 years is what we are talking about here. It helps in developing awareness, ability and attitude in the child. 

Our programs


Help your child develop essential awareness through books that talk and sing. Books that every child should grow up with.


An immersive English learning program that gets your child to understand, speak, read and write correct English in no time. Time for English with Lucy, Wiz and Ziggy is the only English learning program that combines books, audio, video and apps to engage today’s kids, and can be started with newborn babies too.


Establishes a strong foundation in math through an interactive multimedia program. Extensive content covering numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, all the way to measurement.


Teaches good behavior, builds character, and helps children become good human beings. 15 stories from around the world which help develop the right attitude and introduces different cultures and nurtures children as global citizens.

Benefits of A+

Beyond Academics

Our program keeps up to the pace of learning and interest of the child, unlike school where there is a fixed curriculum.

Out of the box thinking

Children are exposed to various concepts here which promotes out of the box thinking.

Fun learning approach

Our A+ Program follows a fun-based approach where children learn to thrive and learning becomes effortless.

Inculcates habit of Reading

Encourages the habit of reading and a lifelong love for learning.

Hear from happy parents

“We absolutely love Rainbow Daycare! The entire staff is so friendly and helpful, and our kids love them too. We really trust them and would not put our kids anywhere else after our experience here.”

- Ben & Tami’s Mother
(Toddler care)

“Video Testimonial from Indian Parents”

- gayathri and sandeep

“If you’re looking for a prekindergarten for your child, I would highly recommend Rainbow Daycare. The entire process has been so smooth, from the initial video tour to a successful school year!”

- Samantha’s Parents

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