Debunking Myths around Salesmanship

People are generally scared of doing a sales job. So they just run away. I am listing down few myths of people which keeps them away from this well-paid and rewarding career in Sales.

  • Salesmen are born, not made
    This is one of most common and popular myths that is going around. This is not true. I never thought I could sell. I never thought I could influence others to make them purchase. It came with practise and consistency. You learn and implement and keep repeating it over and over again till you become good at it. Never say that I am not a salesman and I am not good at it. This is totally untrue. You are not good at sales because you are yet to decide to become good at sales. You are yet to learn how to sell. You are yet to practise and get trained. That is the first myth we are debunking.
  • Sale is only for smooth-talking and extroverted people
    Let me tell you that if you are calm and composed you can make a better salesman. Initially I thought sales is all about delivery great pitches. A great pitch is needed however the way you deliver the pitch is so important. Instead you need to be a great listener and have a calm approach to understanding your prospect better to close more.
  • Sales is high energy and aggressive
    This is not true at all. You can be quietly spoken and collected to close deals.
  • Sales is all about Follow Ups
    If you learn the art and science of sales you will become an expert. You can close in the first call itself. If you reach that level, then why would you want to wait for 3 months or 6 months. If you do not know to sell well it results in a follow up. That is a fact. Having said that certain cases follow ups are required.
  • Sales is for the outgoing types
    There is no such thing like the above statement. Even shy and introverted men and women can become very good in sales. If you dont think that you can become a good sales person then believe me you will never become. All you need is practise. You just need to make that call and speak to the prospect. You need a good methodology a good script and some good training so that you excel in a Sales career.

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